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Wellesley Girls Lacrosse ("WGL") is your home for girls from kindergarten through high school. Our mission is to make a positive impact on all our players by providing a fun and safe environment to learn the game of lacrosse. Players will learn the value of teamwork, grit, and commitment while having fun playing lacrosse.

WGL runs programs that focus on girl athletes, including their emotional and physical development. Programs for our youngest players use fun games to help build confidence while teaching core skills. As our players grow with our program, fundamental lacrosse skills and competitive experiences are offered to enhance their overall experience.

Our program is open to any resident or student of Wellesley, MA.

Our Board of Directors

Kelly Uller, President, Strategic Planning

Todd Maher, Treasurer, Marketing

Phil Brown, Director of Player Development

Lori Curry, Director of Coach Training & Volunteers

Steve Balter, WHS Head Coach

We have the following committees:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Player Development

  • Programming

  • Coach Training & Volunteers

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Equipment

We welcome all types of volunteers!

If you're interested in joining one of our committees or helping on the field, please contact us!

Administrator: Nook Newton,

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