WGL Policies

Refund Policy

Registration Fee Refund Policy: 

​A full refund will be issued, for refund requests made prior to the registration deadline for a program. 

  • A 50% refund will be issued for refund requests made after the registration deadline and 2 weeks before the program start date.

  • No refunds will be issued after 2 weeks before the program start date. 

There are fixed costs and decisions made prior to the start of each season/program. There is significant planning & administrative work performed prior to the start of the season.  

COVID-19 Refund Policy: 

If state and local health officials provide guidance that our season should be cancelled, we will provide a refund less modest fee to offset nonrefundable program fees.  We have fixed costs and pay for field, league, coach and equipment regardless of the # of registered players. 

Financial Assistance: 

We don't want finances to be a main driver for not being able to participate or try lacrosse. We offer financial assistance to those who would like to play lacrosse but may not be able to afford a portion or all of the registration fee. If you would like financial assistance, please contact us ( and your request will remain private and confidential.  

COVID Protocols

Fall 2021


For all Coaches/Parents/Players, please review these COVID-19 protocols with your child prior to the first practice.



  • Come dressed and ready to play.

  • No sharing of personal equipment or water bottles.

  • Facial coverings are not required.

  • Bring your own reversible pinny.


Before events:

  • Players should be health screened at home (just like for school).

  • If you are sick, stay at home.

  • Come dressed ready to play.

  • Wear a clean uniform, bring clean equipment.

  • No congregating before practice.

  • Plan to arrive, play, and leave.


During events:  Coaches will try to minimize unnecessary close contact and will continue to practice sportsmanship in a touch-less manner (no handshakes, fist bumps).


  • Set up cones 6 ft apart for players to drop off their equipment, water bottles.

  • No masks are required outdoors.

  • Avoid/minimize unnecessary close contact as much as possible.

  • Practice sportsmanship in a touchless manner.

  • No sharing of food, drinks, personal items, equipment, etc.

  • Goalie equipment should be wiped down after use with alcohol based wipes.

  • If someone feels unwell, remove them from practice.

  • No spectators on the field.


After events:

  • No congregating after events.

  • No team social events.


Please inform Dr. Hyun Chung @  if your child is sick, has had close contact, is in quarantine, tests positive, etc.  Return to play is the same as return to school policies.