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Equipment Requirements

Players in grades 1-8 are required to wear:

  • Mouthguard which fully covers the upper jaw teeth; it must be colored - no clear mouthguards. Note: mouthguards cannot be physically tethered to the eyewear.

  • Eye protection which meets the most current ASTM specifications. Click here for a complete list of approved eyewear. (Check out this link for goggles to use with eyeglasses.)

  • Close-fitting gloves and ASTM-approved headgear are optional.


  • Founders Travel Uniform - WGL will provide Game Jerseys for every player

** New this year: Players must provide their own black shorts - 3" minimum inseam (league play requirement). Shorts should be solid black without designs or patterns. Examples: Bleacher Supply Co.; Nike (black option)


The Field Stick:

Goalies: (Goalie equipment is provided at all grade levels)

  • Must wear a NOCSAE-approved helmet with a face mask

  • A separate throat protector

  • Padded gloves

  • A mouthguard

  • A chest protector

  • Padding on the shins and thighs

  • Padding on the arms and shoulders is also acceptable
























EQUIPMENT QUESTIONS? Please contact your Grade Level Coordinator for help!

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