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Girls Lacrosse

Click here for USA Lacrosse Girls' Game Overview
In the US, the first girls lacrosse program was established over a century ago. No other sport is growing faster at the high school or college level. In Wellesley, we have seen this explosion of growth with participation in girls lacrosse over the past 10 years.

Did you know that girls lacrosse and boys lacrosse are very different?
  • Girls use different lacrosse equipment, has different positions, field sizes and lines are different and have different rules.
  • Girls lacrosse is a non-contact sport (there is no body to body contact), therefore there are rules that promote player safety and to ensure fair competition.
Lacrosse was originated by Native Americans. The 1st recorded game was played in Scotland in 1890 and Rosabelle Sinclair started a girls' lacrosse team at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore in 1926, the first team in the US. In 1935, the US sent a touring team to England and continued to do so for half a century until the 1st women's world championship was held in 1982, resulting in the 1st of 8 world championships for the US.
(source: USA Lacrosse website, link above)
There are countless opportunities to play at the youth level through Wellesley Girls Lacrosse programs and other local programs and clubs, including travel programs, in the area. Wellesley Girls Lacrosse is the town's recreational lacrosse program which provides introduction to the sport at all age groups thru 8th grade as well as partnering with the Wellesley High School varsity program to offer other clinics and skills-based programming.
Since spring is the main season for when lacrosse is played at the youth, HS and college levels, Wellesley Girls Lacrosse supports efforts to promote Wellesley players to join fall, winter and summer league play to help players engaged in playing competitively in the off-season.
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